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Professional Cell Phone Jammers, WIFI Jammer, GPS Jammers, Bluetooth Mobile Jammers


Welcome to Infostream Technologies, we bring our clients with a highly functional range of counter surveillance equipments such as Mobile Phone Jammer, WIFI Jammer, 4G Jammer, GPS Jammer, Lawmate products and many more. From government agencies, police force, schools, hospitals to offices, warehouses and factories, we supply our equipments with high in quality and lower in price. Each of our devices is proven to its powerful performance, high efficiency and portable nature. You also have an option to replace or repair your product at Infostream Technologies if you do not like it for any reason.


Please Explore our range of Cell Jammers, Mobile Phone Jammers, GPS Jammers and blockers.

Latest 2014 Model 4G and all other network Cell Phone Jammer

2018 model Maxiumum range = 15 meters/40 feet Jams ALL cell phone network including 4G LTE WIMAX/3G/GSM/CDMA /WIFI US$199 + shipping

3 in 1 Cell, WIFI and Bluetooth Jammer (XP6000WB)

Jams Cell networks (3G/GSM/CDMA) WIFI and BLUETOOTH. Can be used as an Anti-wireless camera and recording devices Jammer. NEW LOW PRICE US$129 ONLY + $30 shipping INCLUDES FREE CAR CHARGER!

MT90X Military grade cell phone (3&4G) and WIFI jammer

Professional, military grade cell (4G,3G, wimax, GSM,CDMA) and WIFI JammerOnly US$199 + $30 shipping INCLUDES FREE CAR CHARGER

Gps Jammer

Latest model GPS jammer.Stops all GPS devices from acquiring GPS signal. Can be used anywhere in the world. Small size and can be operated while charging or connected to a power source. Maximum range:20 meters/55 feet. ONLY US$199 + SHIPPING $30. INCLUDES FREE CAR CHARGER

Mini 3G Cell Phone Jammer

Entry level cell phone jammer. Jams 3G/GSM/CDMA Networks. Fits in pocket or purse. Max range 10 meters.ON SALE – ONLY $79 US + SHIPPING $30. INCLUDES FREE CAR CHARGER

2000 SA Medium Power Cell Phone Jammer

2018 model, Jams ALL cell phone network (4G, 3G, LTE, WIMAX/GSM/CDMA /WIFI 15 meters/40 feet max rangeOnly US$199 + shipping $30

2000MA High Power Cell Phone Jammer

Fixed unit for offices, hospitals, schools, warehouses, factories, theatres, restaurant and other venues requiring relief from cell phone use. Jams 3G, GSM, CDMA.Comes in USA or European model. Contact us to work out which model is right for you50 meters/140 feet max range.Designed for US, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia. ONLY US$600 + SHIPPING LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE

2000 FSA Medium Power Desktop Jammer

Jams 3G, GSM, CDMA Networks For office, clinic, class room, meeting, gas station, salon and other venues requiring relief from cell phone disturbance. 20-50 meters/65-160 feet max range. For US, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia.ONLY $295 US$295 ONLY + SHIPPING $30

Portable WIFI, Video & Bluetooth Jammer

Designed to protect your privacy by jamming wireless cameras, Bluetooth and WIFI. Jams all frequencies from 0.9 Ghz to 2.5 Ghz. Max Range 25 meters (75 feet) ONLY $295 US$169ONLY $195 US + SHIPPING $30

Ata High Power Cell Phone Jammer

For office, clinic, class room, meeting room, gas station, salon and other locations requiring relief from cell phone disturbance. Best selling model for business owners.Jams 3G, GSM, CDMA. All networks. Comes in US or Europe model.Contact us to work out which model is right for you. Includes remote control. 60 meter/150 feet max range.CONTACT US FOR QUOTE – LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED

WCH350XRF Signal Scanner & DVR

Watch and instantly record pictures and sounds from wireless security cameras, hidden cameras, traffic cameras and any other wireless camera in range!. Used by police, military, security professionalsLOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED – ONLY US$399+SHIPPING $35,

High Power Cell Phone Jammer

For office, hospital, school, warehouse and other large locations requiring relief from cell phone disturbance., etcJams 3G, /GSM, /and CDMA.All Netwoks.Comes in USA or European model. Contact us to work out which model is right for you. 100 meters/245 feet max range. For US, UK/Europe, Asia, Australia.LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED – CONTACT US FOR PRICE

Prison Cell Phone Jammer

The most popular prison cell phone jammer.

Walkie-Talkie Jammer

Low cost and high performance UV Walkie-Talkie Jammer.

Army Convoy Protection Jammers

Very high power cell phone jammer for military specifications

Cell Phone Jammers, 4G Jammer, Wireless Camera Hunter

Infostream is a Taiwan-based security hardware manufacturer and distributor and exporter. We sell and ship products worldwide. We have serviced many government departments, police forces, schools, hospitals, factories, offices, warehouses and other venues. We specialise in Cell phone jammers and counter surveillance equipment such as wireless camera hunters. Buy from InfoStream.biz. Jam cell phone signals. Bluetooth, Video jammers, WIFI jammers, wireless camera hunters.

Range of our devices includes-

Mobile Phone Jammer

If you are looking to purchase a device for jamming your cell phone signals, we are the right place for you. Our hand held cell phone jammers are best fit to your pocket on the other side are capable to block signal frequencies within radius of 10 to 15 meters. So get rid of unwanted calls by purchasing a jammer with a charger to charge them for later use.

4G Jammer

Block the signals of your 4G LTE WIMAX smart phones at the place where use of mobiles is strictly prohibited by using 4G jammer. We manufacture powerful 4G jammers with an ability to jam 3G, CDMA, GSM, WIFI and Bluetooth signals effectively. It is a most sophisticated yet portable device block frequencies directly from the base signals to save you from attending unwanted calls.

WIFI Jammer

Cut-off wireless LAN networks by using WIFI Jammer effectively. We offer a WIFI jammer that not only block the LAN signals but also work as cell phone jammer effectively. You can use it during charging to block the signals in an efficient manner. You can carry them anywhere within your pocket or bags to block frequencies anywhere.

GPS Jammer

Now, you can knock our almost all GPS logging or GPS systems by using GPS jammer within your vehicle. We make use of advanced technology to make a jammer that can handle more than one network easily. Our GPS jammer is better than others in terms of operating range, Safe low output power and do not harm human body.

Lawmate products

Find out highly functional Lawmate products also known as security items that work with diverse frequencies with higher working time. Either CCD camera kit or Wireless Mobile Phone Cam, we have several kinds of Lawmate devices at affordable prices to sell. Use our light in weight devices and provide utmost security to your home, offices or other places.

Why buy from Infostream Technologies?

  • We guarantee the web’s lowest prices, provide quick shipping and give excellent after sales service.
  • Located in Taiwan, we have direct contact with the factories that manufacture the products we sell. This means we offer the web’s lowest prices without huge mark-ups and can pass the savings direct to you.
  • We sell authentic products only, with serial number and factory warranty.
  • We have lowest shipping rates and have shipped items worldwide. All items are in stock, ready for immediate shipment.
  • We offer 3 days fast and discreet shipping with NO custom tax.
  • All products sold by us include a 1-year manufacturing defect warranty.
  • We provide excellent customer support and can repair or replace your products right from our factory.

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